Migrating To SG – Eligibility For Being A Singapore PR

If you want to migrate to Singapore just like I have, then you need to see whether you qualify to be a Singapore permanent resident first. While the following are the schemes under which if you are, you will be able to apply for a Singapore PR, it does not mean automatic qualification. However, if you do not fall into any of the following schemes, for example if you are a work pass holder, then you cannot apply for a PR. Your application will be disregarded.

6 main Singapore PR schemes

With that said, let me share the various Singapore PR schemes!


The easiest way to get a Singapore permanent residency is to be legally married to a Singapore citizen or an existing permanent resident of SG. The key to getting your PR status approved is to show that you are serious about wanting to live for the long term in the country. If you are married to an existing citizen or PR, then it goes without saying that the probability of you wanting to settle down for good in Singapore for the long term is very high. Naturally, this is the easiest route, if you already are married or intend to get wedded to one.

For those of you who are not in this category, fret not. There are still lots of ways you can procure a permanent residency in SG.

Professionals or Technical personnel and skilled worker scheme (PTS scheme)

A popular method to get a Singapore PR, the PTS scheme is highly popular among most expatriates working in the city. Those with employment passes (EP) or S pass (SP) can utilize this PTS scheme to apply.

Some additional factors can help you increase your chances if you are going to use the PTS scheme:

  • Higher salary with supporting documents such as pay slip and tax returns
  • Stable and lengthy employment at a stable business or company in Singapore

Global Investor Programme scheme (GIP Singapore)

Investors and wealthy individuals who own corporations or run family offices can choose this route. It is the de facto route for billionaires and hectomillionaires (net worth over $100 million) since it is the fastest way to get it. In fact, Eduardo Saverin, billionaire co founder of Facebook, whos supposedly staying at Sculptura Ardmore got a PR quickly in Singapore via this method too to the best of our knowledge.

If you can choose this route, you probably already know what you are doing, so I will not touch on that. However, I just want to make you happy and have you know that YES. Singapore allows for permanent residency in Singapore via investment.

Family based ties

Unmarried child of a legally wedded Singaporean or PR couple below 21 years old

Chances are if you are reading this, you are probably the parents and wanting to see if you can get a Singapore PR for your child. Good news, yes you can via this method. In fact, if you are going the family route, it is the easiest way.

Aged parents of citizens or people with a permanent residence here

If you are an existing citizen or resident, and want to get the PR status for your parents, congratulations. You can apply for a status for them.


If you are currently a student studying in one of the local Singapore universities under a Singapore government scholarship, the chances of you getting your PR status approved is also exceedingly high.