Top 3 Likely SG PR Application Success Factors Ranked!

While the Immigration Checkpoints Authority ICA of Singapore never publicly releases the factors which contributes to the success of your PR application, with enough experience shared by many different successful new permanent residents, we have distilled down to the likely top 5 factors which will help you get your PR application approved in Singapore – ranked!

Your financial stability and ability

While you need not necessarily apply for a Singapore PR through theĀ Singapore GIP scheme, or qualify for it to be considered financially stable and capable, you definitely need to earn a decent higher than average income with career stability if you want higher chances of PR status approval.

There is a reason why the bare minimum requirements for a PR applicant under the commonly used PTS scheme is actually an E pass or an S pass, and work permit holders are ineligible to apply.

Also, your career stability is a big factor. If you earn big bucks one year but nearly nothing the other year, or if you keep changing jobs and companies, then your PR application may not be viewed as favourably by ICA.

The chances of you staying in Singapore for the long term or forever

The more immediate family members you have in Singapore, the higher the chances of you wanting to stay in Singapore for the long term or even forever. There is a reason why spouses of existing Singaporean citizens or permanent residents get a high chance of their permanent residence getting approved by ICA as long as the other factors have also met the minimum requirements.

The more you can demonstrate that you have full intentions to work, live and stay in Singapore over the long term, the higher your chances of getting your PR application approved. However, do note that all these requires proof, such as marriage and more. Just feeling like you want to live in SG for the long term is insufficient for ICA and PR status approval purposes.

Demonstrating efforts to integrate successfully into Singapore

What country or government wants new citizens who hate the local culture and people? The answer is none for two reasons – they do not want chaos, and the politicians want to stay in office. And if new citizens hate the locals and the local culture, then the existing citizens would vote them out.

Therefore, the ICA authorities of Singapore government also only want to approve people who demonstrate ability to integrate successfully into the social fabric of Singapore society.

Once again, all these requires proof. Simply trying to submit a cover letter or random documents during your PR application saying that you know your neighbours well means absolutely nothing to the ICA.

So how then do you demonstrate all these? Perhaps join local community centre groups which you are interested in, and take up grassroot leadership roles. That will vastly improve your chances of Singapore PR application success!