Life In Singapore After Becoming A Singapore PR – Comparison

Obviously, becoming a Singapore permanent resident comes with a lot of benefits. However, most of those benefits are repeated either on blogs or immigration sites over and over again. You probably got bored of reading the same.

Here are however some practical benefits which I have experienced since becoming a Singapore PR 3 years ago. If you need help and are struggling severely with your PR application approval, seriously consider gettingĀ Singapore PR application help. Each time you apply for a Singapore PR, you may need to wait till 6 to 8 months for a result. If you get rejected just two or three times because of mistakes or a not good enough profile, you would have wasted several precious years already. Do not waste your life and money away doing that. Just get professional help if you need them, do not be a scrooge and become the biggest loser for you and your family in the meantime just because you are stingy.

While it is not publicly stated, what I have found is that it is easier to get a long term visit pass for my relatives easier as a permanent resident. As a new immigrant to Singapore, you are probably most concerned about immediate family members you have left behind to take up an expat job gig in Singapore. However, if you intend to stay in SG over the long term, consider becoming a permanent resident. You can then stay and work in Singapore indefinitely, and sponsor your closest relatives to Singapore easier. Previously, it was significantly harder or took longer for these long term visit pass approvals when I was just holding an E pass.

One of the biggest wins when it comes to being a permanent resident is that in the event you wish to change jobs, wish to join a promising start up, or even do your own business, there is no concern about you getting evicted from Singapore due to visa related issues as long as your bank account can afford staying indefinitely in Singapore!

Being a permanent resident also means that I got cheaper and half subsidized rates for certain medical appointments. However, I will not talk too much about this, because nobody really wants to get a Singapore PR just to fall sick and benefit from cheaper rates. It is just not too logical. However, it is still a benefit nonetheless and you will get cheaper rates at selected medical outlets.

You can send your children to local schools. I will not necessarily say this is a benefit for all, as many expat parents like myself also prefer sending my children to international schools. However, for those parents who prefer, this is a good benefit.